Combining Chiropractic Launceston


Launceston Chiros doing things differently…

We are Launceston Chiros who are passionate about helping you to the best of our ability. By not limiting ourselves to only chiropractic techniques & by embracing diagnostic & therapeutic approaches from osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists & medicine we can diagnose with greater accuracy & treat with great efficiency a broad range of musculoskeletal & disc conditions.

  • Pain is always a symptom. While joints may fixate or sprain & muscles tighten or fatigue, there is a reason, they are not the problem, they are the symptom. Treating the symptom requires you to go back again & again for relief. Find the core problem, resolve that & the symptoms are ‘fixed’.
  • Ongoing therapy is unnecessary in 99% of cases. It is an example of poor diagnosis & inefficient therapy. It is also an excellent income stream for the practitioner.
  • We either fix you, give you the strategies to manage your own condition or refer you onward to someone else if we can’t help you. We can generally offer same day or next day appointments due to our specialised patient management strategies.
  • All these factors lead to a unique approach to effective, mixed-modality, evidence based musculoskeletal therapy.

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“if you are not getting better, you should be