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“So why you have two business names?” I hear you ask, well after numerous negative interactions with local GPs where they have judged us by our title or business name I came up with the idea that the best way to build bridges between our practice & local medical doctors is to try and have them read our correspondence without the automatic bias the name ‘chiropractor’ causes in them.

I don’t blame the GPs however, they base their opinion of my profession on the majority of clients they see with negative feedback about chiropractors. This is commonly misdiagnosis & inappropriate therapy performed by ‘chiro-factories’. Know them by their full waiting room, 2+ front desk staff & the 5 minute appointments! If I were to judge my profession by my experiences with other practices clients I have treated since being in Launceston, I too would have a very poor opinion of Chiropractors.

A recent extreme case is that the client required surgery for a prolapsed disc after seeing a local practitioner. The person in question did not perform any diagnostic tests of any kind & applied an extremely forceful technique. It is unacceptable & dangerous to treat in any manner without a credible, medically accepted diagnosis. The outcomes of such reckless practices, for the client can be life changing.

Treatment must NEVER be applied without a credible, medical diagnosis supported by a testing array & scans if required. This cannot be undertaken in the <10min normal appointment time most chiropractors allow.

We allow 60min for a new client & 30min for a return.

Hence [Launceston Musculoskeletal] was born, it was an attempt to remove the stigma & prejudice against our chiropractic practice when referring to GPs in particular but also other health professionals, but more importantly the public whose opinion is shaped through advice from their GP & the news. Since some chiropractors Australia wide continue to practice in a manner which is obtuse to modern medical thinking, who can blame them for have a poor opinion of chiropractic?

Launceston Musculoskeletal is an attempt to capture the essence of what we do, we don’t just limit ourselves to chiropractic, we embrace techniques from physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, exercise physiology & mainstream medicine, since every condition is different & requires a different approach.

No single profession has THE answer, each profession has techniques, both diagnostic & therapeutic that are invaluable when treating the appropriate conditions. Only when you de-specialise & embrace each professions techniques & approaches do you realise that:

  • Diagnosis is simple in most cases.
  • Pain is always a symptom, there is always an underlying cause.
  • Regular, preventative or ‘maintenance’ therapy is commonly an excuse for poor diagnosis & a limited therapeutic skill set.
  • You must have an active role in your own pain management, if your only therapy is lying on a table, it will never ‘fix’ you, passive therapy is bad therapy.
  • Joint fixations [‘subluxations’ in chiro-babble] are never the core problem, always the symptom. Simply manipulating [‘adjusting’ in chiro-babble] the spine repeatedly will never fix the pain, it may relieve the pain, but all that happens is that you become addicted to the process for relief.
  • Muscle tightness must be justified, it is always a symptom of something else, either external or internal to the body. If you must have regular massage for relief you are merely treating symptoms of something else. Determine the something else & modify that, then repeated treatment is usually unnecessary.

Launceston Muscoluskeletal:

  • Sport & Spine.
  • Muscles & Joints.
  • Discs & more.

You may be surprised to know that in addition to a wide range of ages of clients from all walks of life, we have provided treatment & advice to emergency department doctors, GPs, medical specialists, elite level weightlifters, footballers, cyclists & soccer players in addition to medical receptionists, nurses, radiographers, sonographers & pharmacists, just to name a few.

Feel free to contact us for a second, third or fourth opinion.

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